This is a game about two chefs who cook food for people and rats. The kitchen chef cooks food for the customers and throws away the leftovers to the other chef, where they can reuse the leftovers and turn the first's chef's trash into treasure for the rats. If they don't satisfy enough rats in time the rats will take over the whole restaurant.

So get cooking, and you may get a good Rat Stars score!

This was made for the UT Dallas SGDA Fall Game Jam 2022, where we had 40 hours over a weekend to make a game about the theme: One’s Trash is Another’s Treasure!


- Programmers -
Osiris Garcia. Terrence Li.

- 2D Artist -
Clement Lee. 

- 3D Modeling -
Osiris Garcia. Aryan Mehta.

- Conceptual Design -
Eric Dantas. Ethan McDonell. Yash Neupane.


Rat Stars 28 MB
Rat Stars Game 43 MB


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Everything is soooo pretty! Awesome 2d work y’all.

The player animations and physics work really well, but I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to play :(

Also the timing for orders going in and out seems a good deal fast to me.